We at SestraNow have identified two areas that affect all women in one way or the other. We have developed a campaign that will aid, motivate and hold accountable 1000 women including ourselves to reach our individual and personal Fitness and/or Financial Goals for 2023.

This is a way for each member to actively participate in our vehicle for women’s enrichment and empowerment. There is zero cost, we just ask for commitment and a little of your time.

We will all Rise Together.

There are two committees in order to brainstorm and further develop this effort in a way that will help us to effectively, tangibly and quantifiably reach our objectives. Don’t just sit there as a spectator, take the reins, join a committee, form an accountability group, or do whatever you can, and make your contribution. The TIme is Now. Don’t just talk about it, Be about it!

Join A Team Today!

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