Home for Women Victim’s of Domestic Violence

Offering Shelter, Support, and Renewed Hope: Rebuilding Lives for Domestic Violence Survivors

Your Haven in Times of Need:

Providing Shelter and Support
When You Need It Most

SestraNow Overnight Sanctuary (S.O.S.) provides emergency housing for up to 21 days to women and children fleeing domestic violence, offering a safe haven while swiftly connecting survivors with vital support services. Our mission is to bridge the gap between immediate danger and long-term stability, ensuring survivors have access to resources and tools for securing lasting housing.

The Beginning of SestraNow, Foundation

Uncover the beginnings of the SestraNow Foundation and learn how the SestraNow Overnight Sanctuary supports women in need.

Sponsor a Student

Empowering Girls Through Education Sponsorship

Transform a young life by contributing to the tuition sponsorship of a girl from the Masai Mara Community in Kenya. Your support paves the way for her education, empowering her to break barriers and reach for a brighter future.