SestraNow, LLC Community

Sisterhood in Success: Empowering Women's
Personal and Business Growth

Workshop Wednesdays

Engage in weekly insightful presentations that delve into topics directly affecting women. These sessions offer valuable discussions on matters that resonate with and impact the lives of women today.

Sisters Promoting Sisters

Benefit from direct promotion of our members’ businesses and services, gaining heightened visibility and reaching a supportive audience. Our community actively showcases and endorses the offerings of our talented members, driving growth and recognition for their ventures.

1000 Women Campaign

We have 10 teams ready to support and guide our members in finance and wellness. Get the help you need to thrive in these important areas.

Integrate Your Plate

Experience a captivating culinary journey with our rotating food feature, spotlighting diverse foods and cultures from our international membership. Delight in a variety of flavours and traditions as we celebrate the rich tapestry of our global community’s cuisine.

SestraNow Overnight Sanctuary

Providing a safe haven for women and children escaping domestic violence, our space offers immediate refuge and support to those in need. With compassion and security at the forefront, we offer solace and protection during their journey towards healing and independence.

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