Updated By December 2022

  • Slander/libel of any members is strictly prohibited;
  • Anything discussed during SestraNow, LLC’s meetings or presentations are confidential and should not be repeated or reproduced;
  • All SestraNow, LLC’s intellectual property is not to be duplicated or reproduced in any fashion outside of Sestranow, LLC;
  • No one should act on behalf of or in the name of SestraNow, LLC without the express consent of Sestranow, LLC’s Administrators;
  • Members must respect each other’s ideas, religion, culture and beliefs;
  • Upon departure of the Organization whatever is discussed while a member of Sestranow LLC is confidential and should not be used to harm SestraNow LLC or its Members;
  • Any communication received in confidence should not be repeated or disclosed;
  • All members will uplift and protect the integrity of our Organization
  • Any detrimental or malicious action against SestraNow LLC is not permitted;
  • No one is to approach a member directly about SestraNow LLC project without admin permission;
  • There is an expectation that all members will contribute their talents, time and resources to build and enhance the community and further Sestranow LLC’s mission;
  • It is expected that members will patronize their Sestras’ business products and/or services first before supporting a third party outside of the organization;
  • No competition among members as we are fostering an atmosphere of collaboration.