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About Us

Our Founder


Sestranow is a Community of Women whose purpose is to create an international and multicultural  network of women in such a way that motivates our members to reach their full potential and help to elevate their sisters in the process so that we can prosper personally and collectively in all aspects of our lives.

Stephanie Montgomery

Founder -

I am a Licensed Attorney and Real Estate Broker in the State of New York. I am the daughter of parents married 52 years and counting. I am the oldest sibling of their 3 children.  I was born in South Carolina, USA and raised in Bronx, New York. I am married and reside in Pennsylvania, USA. 

Annette Hicks Gill

Co-Founder -

I am a mother of six daughters and one son.  I am an attorney licensed to practice law in New York State, a community organizer and youth leader.

Gabriella Gill

Communications Director -

The Team



Most frequent questions and answers

The services are different because we are offering comprehensive support- we endeavor to address all needs- given by and to members within our Network.  We are fostering relationships, sisterhood, accountability, and compassion which serve as motivating factors that make us truly vested.  We do this on a “barter-like” basis.  Take a little, give back a little more.

The founders are black women and have a cognizable concern in furthering the unique and specific interests that that community faces.  SestraNow seeks to address and service these issues by incorporating the international community of women.  We can all benefit and learn from each other by rising above the divisions that race, nationality and culture can bring. We celebrate and embrace our differences rather than feeding into the narrative that these divisions have historically perpetuated. Across society, we identify with various subgroups. We encourage women to own that and be proud of who they are.  SestraNow does not seek to take away anyone’s individuality. We simply believe that we are stronger together. 

How is SestraNow ultimately going to make money?  Basic membership to SestraNow will always be free.  Our goal is to benefit and support all women regardless of socio-economic status.  We are in the developmental phases of the organization.  We invite our founding members (all 400+) to adopt our goal to develop a network based in unity, service, commitment, and prosperity. We are open to suggestions and we ask that you join us in the task of formulation and formalization.  “Alone it can be a struggle at times…If we link together as sisters, we’ll be unstoppable”, Stephanie Montgomery-Founder. The sky’s the limit and possibilities are endless.  We are determined that as we grow, our members rise with us and we can all prosper personally and collectively.  Profit is not our number one priority, but to achieve our shared goal of financial freedom, we expect this endeavor to ultimately lead to financial prosperity. However, we reject the drives of selfishness, pride, division and hate that have been fostered in our society.  First, we must build ourselves up emotionally, physically, and economically to take on this monumental task, through re-education, re-orientation and unification.

The idea is that if we each contribute whatever we can to our Network, we will experience a synergistic effect.  A large band of women is not easily broken.  In these initial phases, our founders and core members are putting in long hours and working hard with the expectation that step by step, as the mission is understood, more and more members will contribute.  When the responsibility and vision is shared, we would have realized our aim and that’s when we will experience exponential growth.  The sooner this happens, the sooner we rise!

We actively seek to diversify our membership.  We cannot successfully achieve our goals without a genuinely international and multi-cultural Network.  Right now, we must rely on our English-speaking sisters to develop our base.  We envision that these women will reach out to their respective communities and serve as liaisons and bridges to connect their non-English speaking sisters that share our vision and mission and invite them to join us. Leaders and individuals of different communities can best identify their respective needs and represent themselves. We plan to eventually have all our services and resources accessible through translation and other means of facilitating communication.  Co-founder Annette Hicks Gill expresses it this way, “True advocacy is creating a vehicle in which everyone can come to the table and let her own voice be heard.” We also expect to be able to tap into the best resources that women all around the globe have to offer without having the language barrier as a hindrance to SestraNow.  Imagine a United Nations of Women, only better!

SestraNow is not in competition with any women’s group, or any group for that matter.  We want to serve as a vehicle to connect all women, individually and collectively. In fact, we want to help promote all women’s groups, especially the smaller ones that can benefit from our network in a manner which is truly unique, efficient, valuable and above all honorable.  While networking, we can teach each other, learn from one another, and prosper together.  It’s a win-win.

What difference does it make whether you have 2 or 10,000? What is in it for you?  The larger our Network the less likely we are going to be ignored. We will demand respect in this male dominated world.  Third-parties will seek us out just because of our sheer numbers.  Think about the power we will have when we unite our consumer power together and use it to further our individual and collective goals.  Again, we are stronger together. 

Absolutely not! SestraNow welcomes all women no matter their profession or status.  We all have gifts, talents and abilities that can benefit other women.   We want to help you identify yours,  if you have not done so already and develop them.  We encourage all women to be their best self. We can all grow and improve regardless of our level of education and experience.

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    News Media Contact Info or to Advertise with Sestranow: E-mail Stephanie Montgomery at:

    Telephone Number: (570) 534-4113