Mental Awareness Month

What a powerful Mental Awareness Month we have had!   Our theme “Mental Health is Wealth” was chosen in keeping with our mission to empower women to become physically, emotionally, and financially fit.  It has been asked, which is more important? finances or mental well-being?  Some would be quick to answer, mental well-being, for without it, one could never truly enjoy her money.  Others may say that finances are more important.  Being financially sound and/or independent can alleviate many factors that contribute to the stresses we face.  The fact is, without money, many would not be able to take advantage of so many of the resources available to improve their mental health.  We have come to learn that mind, body, and spirit are three aspects of our beings that are equally important.  Furthermore, they are connected and inseparable.  Let us examine a little closer, some of the ways in which financial difficulty can affect and how it impacts all areas: 

  • It can impact your physical health, raising your risk of chronic illness, sleep problems, and more. One study has even found that having financial stress makes a person 20 percent more likely to suffer from migraines.
  • It can impact your mental health, raising your risk of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.
  • It can impact your emotional health, raising the risk of relationship problems (such as strains on marriage and friendships), job performance and satisfaction, and your overall outlook on life.

We kicked off this month celebrating International Worker’s Day on May 1st commemorating the historic struggles and gains made by workers and the labor movement, a date that is observed in many countries. We then hosted our first Workshop Wednesday with SestraNow Youth Alejandra Corbella who gave us an “Introduction to Cryptocurrencies”.  That workshop was highly anticipated by our members as many had requested information on that topic.  Next, we paid tribute to all mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and spiritual mothers (godmothers) acknowledging and honoring them for their pivotal role in our lives.  During consecutive Wednesdays, our Counseling Team, led by Diana Morales, Judelia Medard Santiesteban, Zsumayah Carr, and Kim Hamilton-Harris, did a tremendous job bringing to us a two-part presentation on our theme, “Mental Health Is Wealth”. The team gave an overview of mental wellness, facilitated exercises for self-assessment, and shared practical techniques on relaxation and mindfulness.  They also advised on when self-help is not enough and the importance of seeking professional assistance when necessary.  Our final workshop was presented by our Co-Founder Stephanie and the leadership of the Real Estate Team, “Real Estate Basics”. All together, we accomplished our goal of supporting and uplifting our sisterhood with a holistic approach.

We are grateful for our leadership that continues to contribute their time, talents, and resources to enhance our community. Our hearts are filled by the warmth and love that we experience from our active members.  Your posts, comments, and presence during our presentations are invaluable. We are more than a social group; we are a movement.  We invite all of you to take your place at the table and help us to continue to build and grow.  When each of us does our fair share of the work, we will be unstoppable.