Women’s History Month

Greetings to all. Although with us, every month is Women’s History Month, it is with great enthusiasm that we begin March 2021. We have selected the theme “Old School Meets New School- SestraNow Bridging the Gap” as we endeavor to truly expand our reach to cover the full spectrum of our demographics. This month’s calendar is filled with original programs and elements as we Highlight our Young Adult Sisters and Honor our Sapient Sestras. You are encouraged to share in the celebration with comments, posts, and other input.

These are exciting times at SestraNow as we build our community one step at a time. Surpassing our 1,000-member beginning of the year goal, within two months of starting our Facebook group was one of our proudest moments. Electing to be a private group sometimes costs access to prospective members, but we value quality over quantity as we firm up our base. Our website was also launched in mid-February which makes it easier to learn about our services, browse all the information, and connect within our Network. Many are familiar with our present initiatives, Sisters Promoting Sisters (SPS) Week where we showcase member profiles, and WORKSHOP WEDNESDAYS which includes “Integrate Your Plate, Movie Nights, Panel discussions, and Individual presentations.

This month we are stepping it up a notch with the 1,000 Women Campaign designed to help women achieve their Fitness and/or Financial Goals. We have the following five Fitness Teams- Weight Loss, Nutrition, Counseling, Exercise Regimen, and Caregiver Support. Our five Finance Teams include- Business Startup, Investment Portfolio, Real Estate, Savings, and Debt Reduction, for a total of 10. Each team has a leadership band of five, to coach and encourage all who join. This campaign serves as the vehicle that will activate our membership and really push us to accomplish our vision and mission.

Recognizing that we have been mainly reaching middle-aged women, we now have a young adult leadership team to further the interests of their generation, and we are Introducing the Sapient Sestras Squad, made up of women 65 and older who elect to help in an advisory capacity and a focus assemblage to determine the best way to serve that most valued group.

Lastly, because we have expanded so quickly, having members in 32 countries, (the top three being the United States, Kenya, and Costa Rica), we will meet with our regional team leaders to begin providing materials, programs, and services that take culture, geography, time-zones, and language into consideration. When we say that SestraNow is for all women, that is exactly what we mean; and THE TIME IS NOW!

Remember that this is your organization. We want you to embrace it, claim it, and start to do your part today to ensure that it is effective, successful, and always service-driven.

Make this month a great one!

PS- We encourage you to share this to your personal platforms at your discretion. If so, please incorporate the hashtags #SestraNow #ActivateASister #itsnotasocialclub #itsamovement #wearestrongertogether #sisterspromotingsisters #sestraspromotingsestras to help further our Network.